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"The Forest Upcycling Project employs three disabled people and works with numerous others most recently Tom on Work Placement from Heart of the Forest School. The work they do is invaluable to the success of our Charity. Customer feedback is 100% positive and we would like to thank Forwards for all their support."
- Matt Jones, Forest Upcycling Project

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Our aims

At Forwards, we recognise that disability comes in many forms, and it may not be the only barrier to employment. When financial, practical or emotional concerns stand in the way, we offer a wide range of resources and programmes to help increase diversity in the work place.

Many employers are not taking advantage of the talented pool of disabled candidates who are looking for work. Around 18% of the working population have a disability. Organisations are missing out on the many cultural and financial benefits of increased diversity in their staff.


With so many myths surrounding disabled people, we aim to increase disability awareness.

  • Directly affecting 1 in 5 people, and many more indirectly, disability is not a marginal issue.
  • More than 75% of disabled people acquire their disability as adults and are at risk of losing their jobs. In fact, keeping a newly disabled person in employment has a cost benefit of over 2½ times an employer's investment.
  • Organisations that cater for the needs or disabled people have 30% less sickness absences than the national average.
  • Disabled people are a consumer group that spend £80 billion a year in the UK alone. Organisations that are disability friendly open themselves up to this powerful marketplace.
  • A graduate with a work-limiting disability is more likely to be lacking, but wanting work than an unqualified person with no disability.
  • A society that works together to embrace disability benefits everyone.

What we do

Our Work Clubs provide help with CVs, job applications and interview skills so we can help people with disabilities or health conditions to find sustainable paid work. Forwards can provide career help to identify skills and job goals, improve confidence, manage anxiety and overcome barriers. Anyone can come to Forwards if they have a disability, health condition or need some support to gain confidence.

In addition, we also work with a number of amazing partners, from health providers to employers and voluntary bodies. Forwards provide access to all of the many organisations who can help with all aspects of returning to work, including money and budget management, debt advice and benefits advice. We’re also here to help those facing challenges whilst in employment or employers who have job opportunities or require advice on how to provide disabled access. Call or email to find out how we can help.

"Disabled men experience an 11% pay gap compared with non-disabled men; this figure doubles to 22% between disabled and non-disabled women."