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You may have reservations about providing a job someone from the disabled community, but with job coaches, wage subsidiaries and work experience programmes available, you will soon learn the benefits of being Disability Confident.

There are a lot of myths surrounding disability in the work place, but they are unsubstantiated with much evidence to the contrary. For instance, evidence suggests that disabled people take less time off sick and have better health and safety records compared to their non-disabled colleagues.

There are over 10 million people in Britain with a health condition or disability. Shockingly, talented graduates with work-limiting disabilities are unfortunately more likely to be lacking, but wanting work than an unqualified person with no disability. Not only are employers not taking advantage of a pool of talent, they are also weakening their link to the Purple Pound.

Find out how making your workplace accessible to the disabled community can be beneficial to your business.

The purple pound

"There is a group of consumers that spend £80 billion a year in the UK. Many of them are responsible for household spending as well. They are demanding and sometimes even challenging customers. They will quickly walk away if they don’t get good service. On the other hand, when they get the service and products they need, they are loyal and they have money to spend. These consumers are also influential in how their friends and relatives buy products and services. These people are all disabled."

Are you doing all you can to appeal to this talented and diverse community? From making sure your recruitment process is non-discriminatory, to taking often simple measures to cater for the needs of your employees so they can, in-turn, provide you with their best work, there are many things you can do to strengthen your support, and your business.

Discrimination still exists in the 21st Century, but while the excuses are getting flimsier for an undiversified workplace, the benefits of hiring disabled people are growing. Preconceptions have go on for too long.


Disability Confident - Launched by the Prime Minister in 2013, the campaign encourages employers to think about how they can increase opportunities to employ a workforce that includes disabled people, and to ensure that they know how to preserve employment through making reasonable adjustments for staff who become sick or disabled during their employment.


Gloucestershire County Council were the first local authority to partner this campaign and are encouraging local employers to get on board.

Gloucestershire leads the way in helping the disabled into work

Equality Act- The Equality Act of 2010 ensures the prevention of direct or indirect discrimination in the workplace. There are many definitions of discrimination you may not be aware of, and it is always good be aware of these so we can strive together for inclusivity.

Equality Act 2010 guidance

CSR Policy- How responsible are you as a business for equality in the workplace? Find out here:

CSR Policy

"Disabled men experience an 11% pay gap compared with non-disabled men; this figure doubles to 22% between disabled and non-disabled women."