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Holly has been offered work experience at St White’s School in Cinderford as a Midday Supervisor. She is thoroughly enjoying her time at the school and has settled in well. Staff and children have been very welcoming and like having Holly there.

Here is a progress report from Clare Tilling (Deputy Head):

At lunchtime, the Mid Day Supervisors say that she is doing really well. The children like her a lot and she loves playing Lego in particular with them. She also really enjoys playing Duck Duck Goose with the children and she joins in with this game. When she is not there, the children really miss her and ask for her which is lovely. In class, she is doing really well too. The teacher reports that she is more confident now and will sit with the children during lessons, and she will help them if they are doing art. She is always friendly and says, “Hi,” when she sees the teacher at lunchtime. Her attendance is good and she is always on time.

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