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Luke has strived to succeed in all aspects of this his career journey. He initially struggled to find his career goal and worked in a variety of establishments such as The Wiggly Worm and Gloucestershire Services. Luke is ambitious and was eager to have a challenging role. He therefore he applied and was successful in gaining a traineeship with the custodians at Gloucestershire County Council. His aim was to provide an efficient custodian service under the direction of the Custodians Supervisor. Luke used this opportunity to push himself and to show his colleagues even though he has a disability it does not need to define him. The traineeship has been extended to a temporary contract within the team and is now a mentor to new trainees.

The traineeship was a platform to show not only to him, but to others he deserves it and that he wants to learn so he can broaden his skills. Luke was an example of an ideal employee, his time management is excellent and always did more than was expected of him. Luke wanted to be treated like anyone else starting a new job and learn how to perform without any reasonable adjustments, and has since become a popular member of a great team. Luke was given responsibilities and expected to work independently, and he used this opportunity to push himself and set an example to anyone who has a disability and wishes to work.

‘Luke brings personality, hard work, honesty, and his willingness to help others. He looks at every duty as a challenge and accomplishes it every time. Luke is a great member of the team and most of the staff members have commented on how hard he works. He is helpful and possesses a great sense of humour.’ Graham Allen, Asset Management & Property Services ,Business Management Directorate

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