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Nikki works at Costa Coffee in Gloucester as a Barista, where she works on the till taking orders and dealing with money. She also cooks food and has learnt to make a couple of the coffees (specifically lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos). She’s settled in really well and has now learnt the whole role.

In Nikki’s own words:

“My favourite part of my job is working with customers, I really like meeting new people and talking to the elderly customers. We have regular customers that come in frequently and I have learnt their orders so I know what they want when they come in. I like working because I earn my own money and my jobs keeps me busy. I now work three or four days a week as a paid member of the team. I found learning my role difficult to begin with but my manager took the time to teach me everything and I have slowly learnt everything I need to know, I would recommend other students do the Supported Internship as I get lots of support and everyone that I work with is really friendly.”

Nikki’s manager Carrie says:

“Nikki is doing brilliantly; she is now fully trained and has done the same induction as other members of the team, so she has been offered paid work starting with 20 hours per week in quite a busy store. Nikki is great with customers and is the best at promotions, she can sell anything that is on offer for the day. It’s obvious that Nikki really enjoys her work and she’s now doing various different roles, she works on the till serving customers, makes coffees, prepares food and manages the whole process at the same time. The other members of the team really enjoy working with Nikki, they’re very protective of her, and make sure she’s ok while she’s on shift.

Nikki’s confidence and ability has grown hugely throughout the year, we’ve watched her develop and her speed has improved, she’s worked so hard that we felt that she had earned a paid role, so she’s now working 20 hours which will be raised to 35 when she’s ready.

Nikki has very become part of the team and we’ve helped her not only with learning her role but with gaining more confidence and belief in herself, setting up her own bank account and becoming more independent, she is now able to earn her own money and do the things she wants to with it. She’s very proud of her work, she’s always well presents and wears her uniform with pride.

I would definitely recommend a supported internship to other companies, we’ve had to teach Nikki slightly differently but she’s worked so hard and absolutely deserves her job and this opportunity. We met with Nikki’s mum at the start of the internship to find out the best ways to work with Nikki and to teach her to ensure that she had the best chance of being successful. We teach her in a way that ensures Nikki can take in what she needs to and feels confident with what she’s doing, she can sometimes do things slightly slower than other members of the team but we work around this and doesn’t’ cause any issues at all. We tell Nikki not to rush and to take her time so that she feels confident in what she’s doing. We really enjoy having Nikki as part of our team.”

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