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Steve Gibson My Journey

“I have been attending the Coleford Drop In Forwards job club for a couple of years on a regular basis. I have had support with finding voluntary employment at the Forest Upcycling project and Forest community Café. I have given peer support at the drop in for people who want to do job search or research on compare websites.

In my volunteer roles I have mainly been doing computer and website support, I have also become a member of the members committee. Before Christmas I did a leadership course at treasure seekers, Gloucester. I was asked to do a public talk at the building better lives conference; I was a little nervous but felt proud that I had done it afterwards. All these things have helped me build on my confidence and add to my CV making me feel more confident about finding work. I applied to G.I.S Hempstead, Gloucester for an admin assistant job on a six month contract. I hope to learn some more skills and maybe some employment connections for future employment.”

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