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Sarah Mills

Sarah has a learning disability and is a single mum. After several years of not working, Sarah found a job with a Balloon firm in Stroud but was made redundant as they moved their operations to Gloucester.

Due to family commitments, Sarah was not able to follow the company to Gloucester as she has a young family that she supports in taking to and picking up from school.

Sarah was finding it difficult to find alternative employment so after several months, turned to the services of the Forwards Club. It was difficult to find employment that suited her available hours so it was suggested to Sarah that she turned towards being self employed as a cleaner. Sarah was not too sure about this because she felt it would be difficult for her to start her own business but with help from the Forwards Club she decided to go ahead.

She now works on a Friday at the Fresh Ground Café Bed and Breakfast cleaning the guests rooms. She keeps copies of all her invoices for when she has complete her returns. Sarah will receive further help to do this.

ALSO, now Sarah is self employed, she is free to take on other work so as from mid February, she will be working in a self employed paid position as a Kitchen Assistant at the Severn View Academy in Stroud. This is perfect for Sarah as her children attend the academy!

This is a very special moment for Sarah as she never thought that she could have the confidence to be self employed Well done Sarah.

“I like being self employed and really enjoy my two new jobs”.

“I am happy within myself and I like earning a little extra money so I can buy some extra things for my sons”

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