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Molly currently volunteers at the Root’s Café. Here’s feedback from the café manager and supervisor on her progress.

**Feedback from Phill Davey, Café Manager: > ‘Molly has been really good. She’s quiet, polite and just gets on with the job at hand. It’s a busy time on Monday mornings (when Molly comes in), and Molly just gets on with cleaning and washing up. Molly is kept really busy and gets on well with the other staff, who work at the café. Roots is a good environment to learn, the staff are pleasant and Molly does well here.’

Feedback from Abbey Cooper, Supervisor:

‘Molly has been doing really well and works really hard. I look forward to working with Molly and we have a bit of a catch up when she starts her working day on a Monday morning. Molly’s confidence has really grown since she started in Jan. She’s really started to take the initiative, doing jobs she’s learned around the kitchen without me suggesting it, like restocking the fridge.’

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