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In Sarah’s own words:

“Having a job has boosted my confidence and I am loving it! When I finish my shift, I don’t want to go home. My role at Rodley House is to support in the kitchen washing up. I use the big dish washer, cleaning the fridge, mopping floors, serving tea & coffee to the residents. I lay up & clear the tables after meal times. I am happy to do any task asked of me & I get on well with all the staff at Rodley House, we are one big team! Having a job has enabled me to buy the extra tings I want. I have paid to go on holiday with my friends and I have just brought myself a Ikea chair for my flat. Staff from the Forwards team have supported me to find this job. I am happy, this is my first paid job ever”

Angela Madden (Sarah’s manager) says:

“I knew at the point of interviewing Sarah that she would be a great asset to the team and residents at Rodley House. I am passionate that everyone has access and support to gain employment and be as independent as they can be. The Order of St John Care Trust is a wonderful caring organisation to be a part of and Sarah is a fantastic example to us all that our values and principles are at the forefront of what we do in the community.

Sarah always comes to work with a beautiful smile and leaves work with a smile! Sarah is a valued and respected member of the team at Rodley House, and I am so pleased that we have enabled her to a more independent way of life and build new relationships with her colleagues.”

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