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Here’s Scott’s story in his own words:

“I have been working with Forwards for two years and have had the same Job Broker during this time, which has made a huge difference to me, as I have autism and find communication difficult. My Job Broker got to know me well and focused on my interests and hobbies to begin with.

I am interested in drama and with her help I achieved the Bronze Arts Award with the Princes Trust at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. I have also been involved with two groups with Gloucestershire CC - one making a film and the other art work, culminating in joining in a procession through Tewkesbury with lots of different groups, some from as far afield as Europe. After that, I attended a 6-week cooking challenge in Gloucester where we prepared a four course meal to VIP guests. This is where my love of working with food came shining through and from this experience I have found paid employment with a local bakery for 15 hours a week.

This has been the most positive change to my quality of life. I now look forward to going to work, have settled in well and am beginning to interact with my co-workers, which is a tremendous step forward for me. I have been praised by my manager, who is really pleased with my positive attitude to work and my achievements in a short space of time. Now that I have a paid job and am learning new skills and meeting new people, I feel valued and much happier in myself.”

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