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Funky Warehouse

Funky Warehouse

Funky Warehouse is Gloucestershire’s ultimate indoor trampoline / parkour park and soft play area with various activities and something for all ages. It has a purpose built warehouse and offers indoor Trampolines, Soft Play area, Ropes, Hoops, Cargo Nets, Suspended Bars and Ropes areas, Foam Pit and many more attractions.

The job broker for Cheltenham approached Funky Warehouse when it first opened, to discuss the Forwards Employment Team’s services and possibility of employing someone with a disability. Funky Warehouse were “disability aware”, offering trampoline sessions for people with disabilities one afternoon per week.

As with many employers, Funky Warehouse was initially worried about taking on someone with disabilities. Their initial thoughts were mainly centred on the process involved and the support required. However, despite these worries, the manager offered a candidate an 8 week work experience placement, supported one-to-one by an experienced job coach. If at the end of this 8 weeks, the candidate achieved the level of competency and standards required by the employer, they would offer a paid job. Dan successfully took up this challenge, and impressed the employer so much that he now works 12 Hours per week spread over two days; monitoring trampoline and soft play areas as well as helping out with parties.

Funky Warehouse were so pleased with the programme and support provided by Forwards, that they have recently offered the same plan for an Administrator for their business, which if the candidate successfully completes will result in a paid role of 24 Hours per week.

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