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Marian has recently started Work Experience at the Kindness & Co Café as a Café Assistant. Marian is keen to learn everything there is to know about healthy living and the café with it’s healthy and creative menu, was the perfect environment to start her career in catering.

As part of the Café’s ethos, their main aim is to create a better future for everyone. This not only means serving delicious, healthy and nutritious food to their customers but also supporting their staff - including becoming an equal opportunities employer. With this in mind, the management at Kindness & Co worked alongside the Forwards Employment Team, to help people with disabilities obtain paid employment opportunities. Through Forwards, the cafe’s management team were delighted to meet Marian, who in turn was very excited to have the opportunity to work in the café. The staff supported Marian gain the skills she needed to thrive independently within a commercial environment. Marian helps with taking food and drink to customers, clearing and cleaning tables, supporting the chef at busy times and generally cleaning around the kitchen and front of house.

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