Read What Our Clients Have Been Saying About Forwards.

"As an employer, our clear focus is always on the abilities and attitude of our staff and job applicants. If a person is right for our business then we will work hard to accommodate their needs, whatever that may be; from family-friendly working hours to an appropriate physical working environment."

- Chris Pockett, Renishaw plc

"Forwards has given us the opportunity to recognise the talent in individuals, and helped us understand that everyone has particular skills suited to different workplaces. We judge applicants on their abilities, not whether they have a disability, and our business is better for it."

"The Forest Upcycling Project employs three disabled people and works with numerous others most recently Tom on Work Placement from Heart of the Forest School. The work they do is invaluable to the success of our Charity. Customer feedback is 100% positive and we would like to thank Forwards for all their support."

"Gloucestershire shows the way Forwards for people with a disability"